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Reiki means the energy of the spirit. It consists in awakening in each of us a dynamic process of healing by intervening on the vibratory field of the person.  


Like any holistic practice, Reiki would allow:

  • soothe body and mind

  • to provide a sense of well-being

  • harmonize the flow of energy

  • promote a state of relaxation

  • to support the healing potential and consequently to regain restful sleep, better blood circulation, less physical pain and less stress. This is the principle of self-healing.



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In which cases auriculotherapy can help you

The range of therapeutic indications is wide.

Auriculotherapy can help you with:

  • Muscular and skeletal disorders: joint pain, back pain

  • Addiction problems: tobacco, drugs

  • Behavioral disorders: sleep disorders, anxiety, stress

  • Gynecological and endocrinology disorders: infertility, menstrual pain

  • Gastrointestinal and dietary disorders: intestinal inflammation, constipation, anorexia, bulimia, digestive disorders



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Chromotherapy is an alternative “medicine” that uses colors and their frequencies to heal physical and emotional problems in the human body. It is also known as chromopathy,  chromatherapy  or color healing.


What is color therapy used for?

The objective of chromotherapy is to correct the physiological and psychological imbalances of the human body. For example, if you are stressed, color therapy can help calm you down. You will then be able to regain your psychological balance. If you are depressed , it can invigorate you and give you more energy.



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For thousands of years, the importance of stones and minerals has been known to kings and queens and many other civilizations around the world. These minerals were used as lucky charms in ancient Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Greek organizations.

The virtues of stones can be fundamental for our well-being and our inner peace. They allow us to rebalance our physical and psychic energies. They make us shine, heal our little ailments and soothe us in our social relationships.

Each stone has different virtues.

In addition, lithotherapy is a practice that can be performed by everyone, whether child, baby, pregnant woman, etc.


therapeutic tarot / ORACLE

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The Principles of Therapeutic Tarot

The mission of the therapeutic Tarot is to help the person seeking the consultation to get in touch with his inner Self, to discover his true essence and to identify the obstacles that prevent self-realization.

It is a question of recognizing, not only the energies or the qualities present in the individual, but also of identifying the dormant or repressed characteristics.

The concept of therapeutic Tarot as an instrument of development and liberation was developed by the tarologist, holistic specialist and author, Veet Pramad, in 1987. Of Spanish and Moroccan origin, he created the therapeutic reading, based on the drawing of the Celtic cross.


NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

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Benefits of NLP

Depending on the desired objective, it can, for example, help us to acquire new knowledge, stimulate our creativity, develop a skill, increase our self-confidence or even adopt the right behaviors to become more efficient and be better at work. .


The ultimate goal of NLP is to program in us behaviors of success so that we can reproduce them daily in the face of each situation. To do this, she uses observation and communication tools that aim to improve our conception of ourselves and of others.


In other situations, it can be used to teach us how to better  manage stress or our relationships with others, or to help us recover from an event that has affected us, such as a breakup or death.

Among its other uses, there are also conflict resolution, adaptation to change, management of a burn-out, the fight against anxiety, … The list does not stop there, and it would be almost impossible to make it exhaustive so much the field of action of NLP is vast.


Energy healing 

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The main objective of an energy treatment is to improve the circulation of energy. To achieve this, the goal is to promote relaxation, refocus the subtle bodies, dissolve blockages, eliminate used energies, and harmonize the chakras, which are our energy centers.


"The energy structure reflects who we are"


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